To Participate:

meme3Step One – Select an Image

Select the image you wish to use. This can either be a stock photo frequently utilized in memes or one of your own photographs. Many meme-generating platforms already have images available. Use platforms such as MemeGen and Memegenerator. We are also compiling another page with a list of some commonly-used sites.

Step Two – Add Text

Using a free meme-creating platform or other software of your choice, select the text at the top and bottom of the image. This text can be humorous or reflective—we encourage you to create memes that comment on language preservation or revitalization.

Step Three – Save and Upload Meme

meme2Save the image and upload to your favorite social media platform (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Step Four – Add Hashtags

  • Add the hashtag #MemeML
  • Add the hashtag of the language (e.g. #Lakota, #Yoruba)

Please note: promoting linguistic diversity online means being able to communicate in any language you choose without having to make digital content available for non-speakers. However, if you wish to reach a wider audience, you have the option to provide a general translation in the descriptive text for ideas that may be difficult to be translate literally.

Step Five: Join the Challenge

  • Find others sharing their memes with the #MemeML hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and comment, share, retweet, re-post.
  • Search for the hashtag for your language. Follow others creating memes in your mother language (e.g. #Lakota, #Yoruba).
  • Make sure you tag someone else “challenging” them to create a meme of their own.

Step Six: Have Fun!

Meet our ambassadors!

Language Digital Activists that will be participating in the Mother Language Meme Challenge and would like to extend an invitation for you to do the same.

(videos coming soon)